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Wide Plank, Small Spaces

It seems like everywhere you look people are using wide plank flooring! Whether on social media, at your brother-in-law’s Christmas Party or on TV, wide-plank is taking over; but is it right for you? 

Contrary to what some might think or say, wide plank flooring does NOT make your space look smaller. It’s interesting, even though the planks are wider, because of the visual tricks wide plank plays on your eyes, the room often appears even larger than it is…not the other way around! 

So if you have a small space and are thinking about wide-plank floors, do NOT worry about it making your space look tiny. If you are still concerned though, here are a few ideas for making your small room look bigger:

  • Make the flooring the star! Who needs extra “center stage” pieces when your floor can be the star? Hoosier Hardwood is the best in the business of making this a reality! 
  • Lighter is better! When it comes to wall color,  go with lighter colors to make the room seem more open. 
  • Simple is better in small spaces! Do not opt for larger furniture pieces and make sure you limit the amount of clutter in your space.

So take the plunge! Wide-plank is great for small spaces, big spaces and all the spaces in between! Call Hoosier Hardwood today and let us help make that wide-plank flooring a reality in 2018!