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Hand Crafted Floor Artistry


Sand & refinish: Bona Jacobean stain with Bona traffic satin topcoats.


Big Sky offers an unrivaled set of options that enhance the natural beauty of timber.


Complete staircase build & installation.


50 Year Residential Wear – High quality crafted 3/4″ engineered hardwood flooring.


Custom color: Rubio Monocoat Ash Grey.

Maintaining Your Floor

A hardwood floor can look brand new, even after decades of use. Ask about our floor care kits to help your floor looking like new for years to come! If your existing hardwood floor needs attention, we can help.

Our Process

Call us for consultation & we set up an appointment to meet with you on site to look at the project so that we can provide you an exact quote with no surprises at the end. We provide high quality hardwood floor product for prefinished or site finished solid or engineered hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Options

The species of hardwood will make a big difference in the character and style of your floor, and Hoosier Hardwood Floors has the widest selection of hardwoods available.

We Build and Install Wood Floors

With a lifespan of 100 years, installing a hardwood floor may be the best looking and longest lasting decision you make for your home. Hardwood floors add equity to your home and beauty to your life. They also reduce allergens and pollutants in your home. Designs like borders and medallions add luster to your floors, perfect for entertaining. All of that, plus hardwood floors shine and sparkle in a way carpet just can’t compete. Why wait? Enjoy the art and beauty of a professionally installed hardwood floor in your home today.

Hoosier Hardwood Floors is an established local company with years of experience and qualified installers. We offer environmentally conscious products using regional resources from Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio because we care about the local economy and our carbon footprint. A member of the National Wood Flooring Association, Hoosier Hardwood Floors prides itself in superior quality wood floors and customer service. 

News & Updates

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