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The Culture of a Company 

“The Culture of a Company   A company culture doesn’t just happen. Much like “quality” of a product is ALWAYS the result of intelligent effort, quality of the culture of your company is as well. Here are three things to keep in mind every day to ensure that your company culture lives up to the quality of product/service that you provide. Sidenote: If your culture turns sour, your product service quality will as well!

  • Every person must know they are valued, every day.
  • Every interaction with your employees is an opportunity for you as a leader to model what interactions with your customers should look like.
  • Avoiding difficult conversations doesn’t make them go away, they just mean they will be more difficult when you finally have them!

It simply cannot be about making these things a priority “once in a while”…for the culture in your company to grow, you must look at it like a dependent…you are going to feed the culture every single day, just like your kids, and if you feed it junk, it will produce such. If you feed it positivity, love, and attention, you will end up with a strong company, that has a strong culture that produces strong leaders!”