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When it comes right down to it, people love quality

Think about it. Over the last year, when you scroll through facebook, have you seen anyone talk about a “mediocre” experience? Probably not. They talk about really bad experiences…or even moderately bad ones. They talk about really good experiences. Rarely though does someone take the time to say” I had dinner at XYZ

steakhouse and it was acceptable”, or, ” “I had XYZ Landscaping work on my yard and it isn’t horrible”. No one takes the time to write about experiences that don’t involve amazing service and quality products…unless it is to talk about how bad something was.  At Hoosier Hardwood Floors, we have a commitment to amazing customer service and top of the line quality. This isn’t something that we do to get applause, but we tend to get them from our customers when we finish a job because they are not just pleased that it is over, they are pleased that it has been done with excellence and they LOVE the look.   Have you ever taken the time to write about a meh experience? How about a really bad one? Good one? Tell us in the comments below! “