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3 Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Hardwood Floor 

My room is X square feet, but we’re being told to order x+50 square feet of flooring. Is this really necessary?

Yes, but 50 ft isn’t the magic number. Usually it is recommended to get an extra 10% to make up for cuts that are done and areas that need overage. If the room is perfectly square however it may be less than 10%.


I love my three dogs, but have heard that pets can scratch up wood flooring. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

It’s amazing how our pets become like family! You definitely don’t need to get rid of Fido just because you are getting hardwood floors. Two suggestions we have? Get your pets nails trimmed regularly and use a TON of scatter rugs. 


I love how hardwood flooring looks, but it is an investment! How do I keep my floors looking new as long as possible? 

You will want to clean your hardwood floor regularly with a dust mop or sweeper. DO NOT use a wet mop or steam mop on your hardwood as the water can damage or dull the finish on your floor. 

If your little one (or big one) spills liquid, clean it up as soon as possible. Avoid walking on the floors with sports cleats or high heel shoes that are in disrepair. These can scratch the finish, or even dent the floor.  

Lastly, if the floors have lost their “new” look, find a wood floor cleaner that works with your floor. Use it as directed and you can restore that new look in no time!

I’d have sold my house sooner, but the floors…

We have all heard one of our friends or family talk about selling their home. Sometimes, a home sells really fast..like, less than 24 hrs fast. Other times it stays on the market for months and months…and then a few more months. Others are in the middle somewhere. One thing that seems to be a constant though in the home selling “game”, is that often times people “almost” sell their home (in their minds anyway), if it wasn’t just for “that one thing”. More times than not in 2017, NOT having wood floors is becoming that “one thing”. Check out this quote from a recent article in Time Magazine;

“Forget the wall-to-wall carpet, today’s homebuyers are looking for hardwood floors on the main floor of the home, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Hardwood flooring looks especially beautiful when flowing throughout an open floor plan.”

So if your home’s flooring screams “1985”, and if you are considering replacing it so you can sell your home in the near future, don’t even look at carpeting. Hardwood flooring gives you an advantage according to almost every article from the past year that has been written on the subject. If you are trying to decide between upgrades to your home, know that an in ground pool and other amenities are amazing if you are staying in your home for the foreseeable future, but nothing will help you sell your home quicker, in our opinion than a beautiful hard wood floor. You will also have a MUCH better chance of recouping your investment with hard wood than a pool or a three season porch, or other similar upgrades. “