Prefinished vs Site-Finish

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Prefinished vs. Site-Finish

Prefinished Flooring

Prefinished hardwood flooring is that which has undergone the milling and finish process in the manufacturer's factory controlled environment. Each individual board is sanded, stained, sealed, and given multiple finish coatings, then hardened with a UV-curing phase to make the wood more scratch and scuff resistant. Some of the benefits of prefinished flooring are listed as follows...

Aluminum oxide infused urethane's offer great scratch resistance.

There is no smell or mess, due to the stain and coats being applied before installation.

Furniture can be placed back on the floor as soon as the install is done. No wait time needed.


Site Finished Flooring

Site finished flooring is unfinished wood that is both sanded and finished on site. When the install is finished, equipment needed to sand the floor smooth will be brought into the home (or business). After the floor has been sanded flat and the sawdust removed, stain will be applied, and the coatings will follow. The whole process can take some time, varying based on the stain and finish product used. Benefits listed below...

Wide variety of stain options available, as well as some different finishes.

Joints are not as defined as prefinished, for those who enjoy a more natural look to their floor.

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